A very nice site near ours opened up early in the morning when the father and daughter camping there vacated the spot. It was very spacious and private with a really nice fire ring. We packed up quickly so we could get it before someone else did.

The day started out sunny and it seemed like it was going to warm up nicely so we got the solar shower set up. Unfortunately it got cloudy and stayed cool. I was pretty desperate for a shower as it had been awhile since our last one so I took one anyway. Boy was it cold. I had to get in the car with the heater on while my hair dried to warm up. It felt good to be clean but it was a pretty miserable experience.

A new couple moved into the spot Ben and Savannah had vacated. They invited us to join them and their friends for drinks and horseshoes.We appreciated the offer but opted to build a big fire to stay warm and cook some dinner.