Up bright and early for breakfast before my conference call. I was scared for a minute because signal got a little spotty but it all worked out. As much as I hated to think about our amazing trip coming to an end, it was a relief to know everything was in place for me to return to work in April.

We spent some time photographing all the different flowers blooming around our site before we made our way to Joshua Tree. There is something so beautiful about seeing those bright spots of color against the stark desert landscape.

Joshua Tree was bigger than we expected and very crowded. We toured the beautiful Cholla Cactus Garden and explored some of the huge rocks. I had not expected to see such large boulders in the desert. After we had our fill of the park for the day, we headed to a free campsite on BLM land south of the park.

The best part of the campsite was definitely the price. It was basically a huge dirt parking area. There was no foliage and no scenery but we were tired and it was free.

We got in the truck for a late afternoon nap. We were startled awake by the sound of gunfire. An ambulance had pulled up near us and the male EMS worker was teaching the female EMS worker how to shoot. Fortunately, they soon got a call and headed out. This place is definitely not making it onto my top ten list!

We cooked up some tacos on our propane stove and made it an early night.