Sunrise at the beach was gorgeous but the weather was cool and rain was threatening. We made coffee and a quick breakfast while enjoying the view.

Driving on the sand was much easier in the daylight and we were soon on our way to Morro Bay. Nate and Leon ( fellow campers we met at the Salton Sea)  had suggested it as a good place to see seals and sea otters as well as find a reasonably priced motel for the night.

The weather stayed cloudy and cool so we started looking for a motel shortly after we arrived in Morro Bay. We found a good deal with a check in time of 1 o’clock so we snapped it up. We had some time to kill so we went searching for the promised animal sightings. We did not see any seals but we did see a group of sea otters playing together.

The motel room was small but clean and comfortable. We had not showered since the cold water showers at the Salton Sea days before so a hot shower was very welcome. The motel owner recommended an Asian buffet in town so we took her suggestion and headed there for an early dinner. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching a movie. As much as we love camping, the occasional return to civilization is nice for a change.