It has been a long time since I have posted an update about our adventures. A lot has changed for us since my last installment but I am determined to finish chronicling our journey around the country if only to share the beautiful pictures we have taken.

When I left off, it was December 2017 and we were in Rockhound State Park in Deming New Mexico. Our next stop was just down the road at a very special Airbnb.  The weather had taken a chilly rainy turn and Francis needed wifi for a work project so we decided to take a few days break from camping. We were thrilled to find Harold’s Airbnb a short distance from the state park. If you have read other installments you know we love to stay in Airbnbs because they offer an affordable and unique alternative to ordinary hotels. Harold’s place was actually on a farm with rescue horses and dogs and the accommodation was a 5th wheel trailer. Both of those things made it a great experience. The trailer was really comfortable and spacious and included leather couches, a nicely appointed kitchen, a bedroom, and a separate workspace. It was hands down the most luxurious place we had stayed in a long time. Harold was a great host and took the time to introduce us to the horses and tell us their stories. We enjoyed petting and feeding them as well as watching the interesting interactions between them. There was definitely a pecking order among the group with one very dominant horse who set the rules for all the others. Add in a couple of friendly dogs and my animal loving husband was a very happy man.

We enjoyed it so much, we ended up extending an extra day. Francis was able to complete his work project and we both enjoyed a little extra space and a break from the damp, chilly weather.

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