As much as we hated to leave our beautiful campsite, we knew we were running out of time and there were lots more places we wanted to see.We took our time packing up and making sure the fire was completely out. That huge log wanted to keep burning.

We headed to a nearby town to use the wifi. We found a little restaurant called Margie’s Cafe. Our waitress was a very friendly woman named Michaela who did not seem to mind us taking up a table while ordering only green tea. She told us about her 6 boys and gave us some tips on good places to go. We stayed so long working on the blog and downloading photos, I finally ordered a Reuben sandwich even though we were not really hungry. It was delicious and made me feel better about how long we stayed.

We took her advice and decided to spend the night at Cochise’s Stronghold. The campground was full but the nearby primitive sites were larger and more private anyway. We found a nice spot and got a fire going quickly. Even after 2 months of camping we never seem to get tired of watching the fire.

This must be the new way to wrangle cattle