We spent most of the day hanging out at our awesome campsite. Late in the afternoon we went for a hike. According to the GPS, there was a well near by, and Francis was determined to find it. I am beginning to have my doubts about that GPS. There was no sign of a well anywhere but Francis spotted a log he wanted for our campfire on our walk back to our site. The thing was huge. I am still not sure how he was able to carry it back to our campsite. I’ve never heard him curse that much in Wolof except when he stubs his toe.

In the evening we went for a little drive.We found an abandoned mine dug into the mountain. We were a little afraid an animal may have been making its home inside but we went in anyway. It was actually very small so we guessed some it must have been blocked off.

We made a nice dinner and settled in to enjoy a warm fire fueled by our huge log.  We were a little afraid to go to bed because it was still burning so well. I think Francis slept with one eye open all night to keep an eye on it.