After a big breakfast, we decided to spend the morning hiking. We started by climbing several ridges on either side of our campsite then drove towards our first campsite to check out a spot Francis wanted to climb.

It was not a long hike but it was very steep. We had to veer off the trail to get to the top because the rock was too slippery in spots. We both ended up finding hiking sticks to make our way back down.It was slow, slippery going but we made it to the bottom. Imagine my disappointment when we checked the GPS and it said we only burned 45 calories! I still do not understand how that is possible.

After all that hiking, we were ready to find our next campsite and make some lunch. We had seen some nice spots on the way to the monument the day before so we headed that way. The spot we chose was perfect. I have loved many of the places we have camped but this one was special. There was a nice big fire ring, lots of firewood, a fast moving stream, and a mixture of sun and shade. We decided to put up the tent and stay for a couple days.