We woke up to another cool, cloudy day and are beginning to wonder why Florida has the nickname the Sunshine State. Happily, we saw Eugene and Bosley (Bosley was carrying his own food in a little orange pack. Too cute!) on their way out. He had promised to let us know when he was leaving because we coveted his site. It had privacy, sun exposure, a beautiful view of the prairie, and tree placement for our hammock. We quickly switched to Eugene’s former campsite before anyone else could snag it: Campsite 17. Our neighbors, Monica and Irene, are a very friendly mother and daughter pair. In our opinion they have the best campsite: Campsite 18. Irene moved here from Poland and raised her daughter Monica here in the USA. Irene still has her beautiful Polish accent. They gave us some good tips on the nearby hiking trails as well as the best places to kayak. The sun finally came out and the afternoon was beautiful. Monica came by and offered to take me to the nearby swimming hole for a bath. I hesitated for a moment but I had not showered since Huguenot and she mentioned almond scented shampoo. Sold! A few minutes later, I found myself stark naked in a pond full of fish in the middle of the afternoon. I am generally too shy to be seen in a bathing suit but desperate times call for desperate measures and that hair had to be washed! I went back to our campsite feeling like a new woman.
Our new campsite

Kate taking in the views

Francis on a small hike

Swimming hole where Kate took a bath
Francis’s hand starting to blister from the burn