We woke up to a very chilly morning. We had to pack up quickly and head out before the gate closed for the season. No hot shower for us I am afraid. We drove to Seneca, South Carolina to buy our Trasharoo. We got great customer service from a nice young man named Jeff at Southeast Overland. He was very helpful and had incredible knowledge of camping gear. We parked in a church parking lot to attach our storage bag to the spare tire, and loaded it with some of our excess gear from the jeep. We must have looked a bit odd because a local resident stopped to ask if we needed help but I think he was actually checking up on us. Finally we set the GPS for Florida and we are on our way. Once again we didn’t quite make it to Florida and spent the night in the truck at Oconee River campground in Georgia. Sleeping in the truck is not as simple as it sounds. We have so much gear piled on the sleeping platform (including a 100 watt solar panel that charges our battery which runs our freezer.) it takes about 15 minutes of juggling to move things into the front seats. Then it is time to maneuver in through the side door while making sure our dirty shoes do not touch the sheet. At 5 feet 1 this is a challenge for me but it is downright comedic watching Francis do it. After all that, it was another chilly night.

Chattahoochee River