This was our last full day at Dupuis. The weekend campers were packing up and heading out. We chatted for a bit with the guys who camped behind us. Their promised party never happened. They figured the cool weather kept people away. They actually turned out to be very nice guys. A new camper, Joanne, took the spot next to us that Greg and Beata had left. She had her adorable chihuahua  Miss Piggy with her. Miss Piggy started barking at us immediately. Joanne told us not to take it personally. She told us she was a rescue dog and barely even liked her. Miss Piggy had two different sweaters that she rotated as the weather changed during the day. Too cute.

We kept an eye on the injured finger in case it was broken or getting infected. With only a compost toilet and no running water, the conditions were not exactly sanitary. We headed to the other campground for one last shower then took a ride into Indiantown. I wanted to see if they had an urgent care in case we wanted to get the hand looked at before we headed to the Everglades. They had a clinic that was closed but no urgent care. I ran into the grocery store for ice cream and to see what kind of pain killers they might have. I found an aspirin based pain reliever that looked promising.

When we got back to camp we packed everything up and loaded the car. We have realized that sleeping in the car the night before we head to a new destination helps us get a much earlier start.