Florida is having an unusual amount of rain this year and the forecasters were calling for another storm today. We made it through breakfast but soon found ourselves under Greg’s small canopy again. We have a larger one of our own but we had so much stuff in the truck we had to leave a few things behind. Unfortunately the canopy was one of those things. We were wishing we had made a different choice as we made a dash for the truck. Francis and I spent several hours laying in the back of the truck reading, playing games on my kindle, and napping. We awoke to a knock on the window. It was Greg telling us the sun had been out for hours. He was joking of course. The rain had just stopped. I had promised Beata a ride to the other camp for a shower so we headed over there.

It was getting dark and cool by the time we got back. We did not feel like cooking so we decided to drive into Indiantown to get some dinner. It was a short drive to the little town. A quick internet search helped us find a Mexican restaurant that sounded promising. The GPS directions were confusing so we parked near where we thought it was and found two different Mexican restaurants although neither was the one we were looking for. On the advice of a gentleman we spoke to on the street, we chose one and went in. It was very casual with the menu on the wall and a counter where you placed your order. The food was authentic and absolutely delicious. Francis had a pork dish and I had fajitas. We washed it down with bottles of Mexican soda. Loaded with leftovers, we headed back to camp.

When we drove back into camp we immediately noticed a lot more of the campsites were taken. The weekend crowd had arrived. We were told it would happen when we registered but I was hoping the rain might discourage people from coming out. There was a large group on one side of us and another behind us. They seemed to be having a very good time. A few of the very drunk guys from behind us stopped by our campfire and invited us to a party they were planning for the next evening.