It was time to move on to our next location. We were once again making our way further south with our ultimate goal being the Everglades then the Keys before we head west. We had planned to go straight there but decided on one stop in between to break up the drive. As seems to be our pattern on pack up day, the morning was quite chilly. Packing up always reminds me of putting away the Christmas tree. Putting it up is always so much more fun than putting it away. We were hoping to get on our way by 11 but things always take a bit longer than we expect. We had camper friends to chat with one more time, last minute adjustments to make on the car, and of course we had to say our goodbyes to Jeanne Middleton who was so kind to us during our stay. Finally at around 1 o’clock, we got on the road. We were headed to a free campground we found on the internet at Dupuis Water Management Area with our Polish friends, Greg and Beata. But first we needed a laundromat trip and some groceries so we headed for Vero Beach one more time.

Francis dropped me at the laundromat while he ran to Home Depot for yet another cable for our charging system. Thank goodness he knows what he is doing because all these cables look the same to me but I love having a working freezer as well as a charged phone and Kindle. I actually enjoyed the laundromat. I quickly got two loads going and then sat down with absolutely nothing I had to do and nowhere I had to be. I found a warm, sunny seat, read a book for awhile, did some people watching and before I knew it the clothes were ready for the dryer. Francis got back just as the clothes finished drying and we headed to Walmart one more time.

We arrived at the campground after dark. There was a lock on the gate but it was not locked so we drove in and began looking for our friends. We had spoken to them about an hour earlier and they had already arrived. Strangely enough after driving around the entire campground, there was no sign of them and his truck should have been very easy to spot. A quick phone call solved the mystery. There are several campgrounds at Dupuis and they had gone to the equestrian one while we went to the family one. We drove a couple miles to the next gate and found them quickly. We did some quick exploring to find the restrooms and met another camper named Simon. We chatted briefly and made plans to talk again in the morning. Imagine my delight when I entered the restroom and saw flush toilets and a shiny clean shower stall! The description of the family campground which I had read mentioned only compost toilets.