We woke up to the heavy rain the forecast had called for. We climbed out of the car in our raincoats  and made coffee under Greg’s canopy. The canopy pulls out from the side of his truck and even has LED lighting. His truck is loaded with bells and whistles including drawers, a hot shower, a tent on the roof, a refrigerator and much more. He prepared it for this trip while he was in Poland and had it shipped here. Francis was pretty proud of how he set up our jeep with the bed and freezer under it until he saw Greg’s. He now has lots of ideas for modifications for our next trip. As nice as the canopy is, it is a bit small for 4 people to spend a day under as the rain intensified. We decided to go to town to have lunch and run some errands. We figured the best bang for our buck was to try an Asian buffet in Vero Beach. All you can eat for around $7 sounded good to all of us. It was Greg’s and Beata’s first experience with this kind of dining. Beata went for the sushi, I went for lots of different veggies and the guys loaded up on meats. Somehow we even managed to save a little room for dessert.We were all very happy and very full by the time we finished.We went back out into the pouring rain and headed our separate ways to stock up on some supplies with plans to meet up at the local Starbucks to use the internet to plan our next stop. As Francis and I got seated, an older Caucasian gentleman got my attention and said, “Hey can I ask you something?” He proceeded to take of his cap and show me his head of short, sparse white hair. I was pretty confused until he pointed to Francis and said” How do you think I would look with my hair like his? That’s what you call show off hair.” We laughed of course and I assured him that his hair looked just fine. Happily the sun came out while we were in Starbucks so we headed back to camp. None of us were the least bit hungry for dinner after our huge lunch but our Polish friends had purchased marshmallows at Walmart so we got the campfire going and got to roasting. After trying a few, we all agreed that the Polish custom of sausage and beer was more to our liking.

The trucks