Without alarm clocks, work schedules, or other commitments, the days seem to fly by on their own. Chris came by for a chat before heading to see a friend’s concert and he and Francis talked about marketing and computer stuff. We met a family from Minnesota who were checking out the camp. It turns out the husband is a Christian writer so he and Francis talked for a bit and exchanged contact information. Other than that, Francis spent the day working out some kinks with the solar charging system to keep our freezer running and doing some writing and I lazed in the sun and read a book. Then somehow the day was over and we were back around the campfire with Greg and Beata. Beata is not confident with her English yet so she listens mostly but Greg is full of stories of his travels and questions about the United States. He wanted to know what the round white things are that he always sees Americans holding over the campfire on sticks in the movies. I told him they were marshmallows and of course told him about the ever popular campfire treat called s’mores. He said in Poland they generally stick to sausages and beer around the campfire.

Another Sunrise from Middleton Fish Camp