We woke up early to beautiful sunshine and went to the bait shop to register. ( it was after hours when we arrived last night) We met Jeanne Middleton who runs the camp. She gave us her last cup of coffee (I liked her immediately) and told us about the history of the camp. She and her husband ran it together for many years until he passed away about a year and a half ago. She has her adorable spoiled boxer, Princess, for company fortunately. While we were chatting, Francis informed her of the snake sighting and described its pattern. Jeanne identified it as a harmless corn snake. I am not sure if that made Francis feel better or worse. We went shopping in nearby Vero Beach ( by nearby I mean a 45 minute drive) for groceries and a french press at the William Sonoma outlet for my coffee. We found the exact model we have at home on sale. After seeing Monica’s french press and tasting her delicious brew, we realized it was time to retire the camping percolator ( we left it behind at Hopkins Prairie in hopes it would find a new home) The supply shopping took up a good chunk of the day. We went searching for firewood and shared a campfire that evening with our Polish neighbors, Greg and Beata.We found out Greg had done a 5 month tour of Africa a few years ago. His stories brought back so many fun memories for Francis of his childhood in Gambia. Francis was very happy to hear about Greg’s drive through Gambia and Senegal. We were joined at the fire by a young man named Chris who makes his living on a website and radio program about Star Wars. He brought cookies and soda to share with the group.

Kate going to look for firewood, Middleton fish camp

Sunrise on Blue Cypress lake in Middleton fish camp

Middleton fish camp