This was our last full day at our beautiful Pine Canyon campsite. I loved this site but was looking forward to having phone signal at Camp de Leon to make keeping up with work easier for Francis. The wind was very strong and the temperature was much cooler than any other day since we had arrived. Our privacy shelter blew away but Francis found it nearby with just a few rips but still usable. It was so cold we ate peanut butter and jelly in the car and decided to go for a drive. We drove to Rice Tank which was supposed to be our next campsite before we made the change. It was a very nice campsite with beautiful views of the mountains and good protection from the wind. We continued on Glenn Spring Road where we ran into Guy and he told us more about the history of Big Bend and about the bear he had seen on the Pine Canyon trail. On our previous drive on Old Ore Road, we had seen the grave of Juan de Leon on the side of the road. Guy told us the story he had heard which was different than the one the ranger told us. An internet search revealed that this is an unsolved mystery with many stories. We finished our drive on Glenn Spring Road and connected to River Road. It was a beautiful drive and the perfect way to spend a cool, windy day.

View from Rice Tank

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Pics from Glenn Spring Rd

Grave of Juan de Leon