Yesterday we briefly got signal while driving near our campsite so we took an early morning walk to see if we could find it again. Francis wanted to check on the security measures he had put in place without making the long drive back to Old Ore Road (at least a 45 minute drive). We had no luck but on our way back we met a Texan by the name of Guy. He told us he had taken a picture of our campsite from the ridge nearby. He was staying in Pine Canyon 4 which is also a lovely spot. We exchanged emails so he could send us the picture. Guy also mentioned he had been able to get signal up there which we were happy to hear.

After breakfast we headed back to Rio Grande Village for more water and to use the wifi. Being in the desert has us going through water like crazy. While on the road, we ran into the same ranger who helped us when we first arrived at the park. He gave us some more suggestions for places we could drive and told us we could hike anywhere in the park not just on established trails. While sitting outdoors at a picnic table in Rio Grande Village, we noticed a very brave roadrunner hop right up on the table next to us clearly hoping for a bite of the man’s lunch.

On the way back to camp we decided to check out Dugout Wells. We were intrigued when we saw the taller and greener than average trees there. That always means water nearby.We liked the area  immediately because it had the nicest, cleanest outhouse we have ever encountered. We took a walk through the shady picnic area and then took the short nature walk which had lots of information about plant life in the desert.

Early morning walk

Brave roadrunner

Dugout Wells

sunset at our campsite