We were determined to stay at camp today to just relax and enjoy a quiet day at our beautiful campsite. Francis spent time on his writing and I did some reading and worked on the car organization. We keep trying to find just the right system to store everything but the truth is we just have too much stuff in too little space.
Before we knew it, it was time to make dinner. We decided to grill a couple of steaks. We left our small grill at home because we did not have room for it but we came up with a simple solution using a metal rack from a filing cabinet. We came up with this idea on one of our earlier backpacking trips. We wanted to eat well but we needed minimal equipment. We modified the method to use charcoal instead of a wood fire and it works perfectly with very little fuel. In no time, we had a great meal of steak and grilled vegetables.

Since we arrived at this campsite, the night skies have been incredible. Francis was disappointed last year when we visited because the skies had not quite lived up to his expectations but not this year. He was determined to get photos of the breathtaking sight using his cell phone. Unfortunately, no matter what he tried, the camera on his phone could not capture the stars.

Our campsite