I woke up to Francis tapping me on the shoulder and pointing to something outside the truck. A big brown cow was walking through our campsite. He did not pay us any attention as he slowly walked over to a bucket in the nearby trees.

When we got out of the truck, I quickly realized that he was not the first cow to come by our site. There were cow patties everywhere! The views were absolutely beautiful but I was distracted by having to watch my step so carefully. Francis was not bothered by it because he said cow poop is not really gross because it is just grass but I was not convinced.

After breakfast, we packed up and went in search of the campground we had been looking for the day before. It turned out that campground was still closed for the winter. We found a number of really nice dispersed campsites during our drive.

We decided to check out the nearby Chiricahua National Monument. It was incredibly beautiful with really unusual mountain formations. We took a quick hike near the visitors center. We saw beautiful blue birds we found out were Mexican Jays. We planned to return for a longer hike on our last day but we needed to choose a campsite for the night so we had to cut the visit short.

Francis had a fried chicken craving and we wanted to check emails and messages so we headed to the closest town which was about 45 minutes away. I stayed in the car while Francis went into Popeyes for the chicken. He came back with a very guilty look on his face which I did not understand. Turns out chicken is very expensive in Arizona or was it just this town? He spent $15 on a box of chicken. No sides, no biscuits, just chicken! There went our budget for the day. What can I say? The man had a craving.

We headed back to the forest to find a spot for the night.We ended up at the site where we had spoken to the other campers the night before. It was really spacious with lots of tree cover. We only planned to stay one night so we decided to sleep in the car. I am amazed at how used to living/sleeping in such a small space we have become but it gives us so much freedom to come and go as we please.