It was time to leave City of Rocks after a lovely three day stay. We started our day with one final walk among the huge boulders followed by a hearty breakfast of African stew and rice. We packed up and drove to the Visitor Center to take advantage of the hot showers.

Our next destination was the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona. We planned to stay in the National Forest.

As always, the trip took longer than we expected and this time we encountered a lot of difficulty finding a place to pick up a few groceries. We did not pass through any large towns, and strangely enough the Loves gas station did not have a loaf of bread in stock. We finally find a gas station that had bread, eggs, and propane for our camp stove.

The drive took us through some orchards with trees we had never seen before. It turns out they were nut orchards. We ended up on a private road that turned out to be a vineyard. Once again the GPS had us on a wild goose chase, taking us on a route that did not exist.

We finally got close to our destination which was Pinery Canyon Campground in the Coronado Mountains. The road was narrow and windy and a lot of the campgrounds were still closed for the winter. The GPS told us we had arrived at the destination but it was actually just a dispersed campsite that was already taken by several people in campers. They suggested we drive back down the road and find a dispersed site ourselves. Of course by this time it was dark which makes finding a good site a challenge. We had seen a few spots on our way in so we headed back.

We managed to find the site we had liked best and pulled in.