We decided to take advantage of the space, time, and picnic table to do some cooking. We had the supplies for an African stew and tacos so we opted to make both with plans to store some for future meals. While I was prepping the vegetables, Francis went for a quick walk to explore the area around our campsite. I was surprised to see him running back to camp about 15 minutes later looking like he was running away from something. Turns out he had disturbed some bees in a tree and they were chasing him!

The cooking took a good bit of the day. When it was finished and everything was cleaned up we decided to hike back to the spot where we had found signal and post a few days of our blog. 
A strong,cold wind picked up so we hurried back to our campsite. We found a protected spot in the rocks to eat a cold dinner with some tea we had made earlier. One of the major ways that camping is different from living in a house or apartment is how much a change in the weather changes your plans. We had all that food made but it was too cold and windy to heat it up so we ended up eating sardines and trail mix.