Complimentary breakfast, showers, and a little more tv got the morning off to a nice start. At about 10:30 we got on the road to our next destination, City of Rocks State Park. Way back at Middleton Fish Camp in Florida, we met a couple who recommended it to us. They said it was like being in a episode of the Flintstones so we thought we should check it out.

The park was lovely, very clean and well maintained. The Visitor’s Center had lots of information, pictures, hands on displays, and even a book exchange. Camping in most state parks is fairly expensive so we were pleased to see this one was only $10 per night and had hot showers. We drove around the park until we found a good site. The one we found was awesome. It was really big and private but still close to the outhouse and water pump. We decided to stay for 3 nights so we would have time to enjoy the park and get some work done.

We got the tent set up and then I laid on a big rock in the sun for awhile. I realized what a nice feeling it was to be laying in the sun at 4:00 on a Thursday afternoon in February with nowhere I had to go and nothing I had to do. Everyday life does not allow for that kind of freedom very often.

Dinner and some exploring wrapped up a wonderful day.

City of Rocks