When we woke up, we could see that the campground was actually really beautiful in the light of day. There was snow on the pine trees and the hills above us and a waterfall flowing. Definitely a lot cooler than our last stop but we figured a fire would help with that.

Our only neighbors were a young couple and their adorable husky puppy, Astro. We offered coffee as usual and chatted a bit with Matt. He and his girlfriend are college students. They just got Astro and wanted to get him introduced to camping right away.

After breakfast, we headed up the nearby hill to look for firewood. There was quite a bit of snow on the ground especially in shadier areas. We happened upon a campsite with lots of firewood, including some nice big cut logs. We rolled them down the hill and picked them up on our way back to our campsite. The temperature started dropping and the wind picked up so we were happy to have lucked into a good supply of wood.

We headed to bed in the truck when it got too cold to be outside even with the fire. We woke up around 11:00 when we heard a car come into the campground. Francis looked out the window and said, “Hey I think that is Greg!” Turns out it was. We had been keeping in touch since we left Florida and they decided to surprise us by joining us. We had just missed each other at Dog Canyon. It was very cold by this point so we chatted briefly then all headed to bed with plans to catch up in the morning.

Bluff Springs Campground


View of our campsite from the hike