We headed out early for Rio Grande Village for showers and a few supplies. From there we planned to check out a couple of the hikes recommended to us the day before. We chatted for awhile with a couple from New Hampshire who had seen us at the hot springs a few days before. They are doing a similar trip to ours to celebrate their youngest son finishing college. As usual, we traded recommendations for beautiful places to go.
Our first hike of the day started at the end of the campground. The first part of the hike was paved and very easy walking. As we walked further, it got rockier and steeper and we could see horses across the river into Mexico. At the top we met an older gentleman named Skipper. He was very friendly and even offered to share his lunch with us. I am constantly amazed and touched by how kind and generous so many of the people we have met on this trip have been.
We returned to the truck to head to Boquillas Canyon for our second hike. The day had turned quite warm by this point so we made sure to carry plenty of water with us. The hike took us upward at first, then down into a canyon with a beautiful view of the river. We were serenaded by a Mexican man on the opposite shore. He had a tip jar on the US side of the river and a canoe to row across to pick it up. We hiked to a lovely shaded spot and watched the animals across the river and listened to the echoes of the voices of people nearby.
As we headed back out, we saw a perfect spot for swimming on the bank of the river. A couple and their young son were there enjoying the water. As warm as it was, I was sorry I did not have my suit. As we once again passed the singing man, we ran into Skipper again.  He had requested a song from the man across the river. We stopped to chat and he told us about the reopening of the border of US and Boquillas and the improvements it was bringing for the little town. He gave us some recommendations for places to go including a historic mining town in Arizona called Bisbee.

First hike of the day

Boquillas Canyon hike

Sunset at our campsite