We decided to have an “at home” day and just relax and enjoy our secluded campsite. The weather had really heated up so we were sure to drink plenty of water. The rule of thumb is a gallon of water a day when camping in the desert. It seemed like the perfect day to try our solar shower for the first time. According to the packaging, 3 hours in the sun on a 70 degree day heats the water to 115 degrees. The picture shows the bag hanging on a tree but there are no trees in the desert so Francis held it up for me to shower first and then I held it for him. The water was the perfect temperature. It can be hard to find places to shower as often as I like so I was excited to have another alternative. It is a very simple design but it really works well.

With the weather warming up, we can sit outside much later in the evening. This gives us the chance to really enjoy the incredible night skies here. The lack of light pollution allows you to see so many more stars. Francis and I even saw our very first shooting star. He is still determined to get some good photos so he is experimenting with using his Gopro cam. It turns out it does a good job and I know Francis will keep working on it until he gets it just right.

Solar shower on the right(on top of storage box)

Attempt at night sky