After spending a night camping in the Tonto National Forest near Payson, Arizona, we decided we needed to move on to a warmer location. We debated for a bit about staying one more day. It was a really pretty location and we had been moving to a new spot almost every day for a while now. We wanted a spot we could stay for a few days. In the end, the temperature was the deciding factor. Neither of us enjoys the cold weather and the day was sunny but quite cool. We figured we would end up spending most of the day in the jeep so it just made sense to move on.

We took the forested mountain drive from Payson to Roosevelt Lake. It was a pretty drive. We were surprised to see so much forested area in Arizona. Other than our 2016 trip to the Coronado National Forest, we had associated Arizona with a more desert-like environment.  The drive from Flagstaff to Payson and then from Payson to Roosevelt Lake was a surprisingly scenic drive.

When we arrived at Roosevelt Lake, we settled on Windy Hill Campground located near the water. The campground had showers, and the price was reasonable. There were plenty of sites to choose from. We found a beautiful one with a great view of the lake. We got set up quickly so we could enjoy the gorgeous, sunny day. We used our small solar panels and our Goal Zero Yeti 150 to charge up our electronics so that we could get some work done. We posted a picture of our office for the day on Instagram and were surprised when the company featured our picture and tagged us in it. It is amazing how much technology has changed the options for work. It is great to be able to travel to all these places and still make a living. It also lets us spend so much more time together than traditional jobs.

The nice location and warmer temperatures definitely made us feel we had made the right decision in leaving our forest campground. We were looking forward to exploring more of the area over the next few days.

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