After saying goodbye to the camp host at Derrick Road Campground and his sweet dog, we headed to Lincoln City to take care of some errands. We needed groceries, a laundromat, and an oil change. Lincoln City was the closest place with all three.

After the grocery store, we decided to divide and conquer with Francis getting the oil changed after dropping me off at the laundromat. Laundry is actually one of the few domestic tasks I enjoy. I like that I can relax and read once the clothes are in the machine and yet still feel productive, and unlike tasks like washing dishes, the results last awhile.

Feeling very accomplished after getting all our tasks completed, we got back to exploring the area. We drove by one gorgeous area after another including beautiful Depoe Bay and Yachats. We stopped at Cape Perpetua Visitor Center to get some ideas for places to camp in the area. We met Mike and Maile, the volunteer camp hosts, who gave us lots of great suggestions for places to do some dispersed camping. They are fellow travelers doing some volunteering while they get some vehicle repairs done. We had a great time sharing stories about life on the road and they gave us lots of ideas for places to visit. You can check out their Instagram account @foolishbehaviorlifestyle.

After checking out some of the spots they recommended, we found a nice secluded spot on the mountain to spend the night.

The next day we did some sightseeing at Tillicum Beach before heading to the little town of Waldport to work at the library for a few hours.

We found our home for the night at Beachside State Recreation Area. It was a really nice campground with good sized sites and the all-important restrooms with hot showers. After grilling some steak for dinner, we took the two-minute walk to the beach to watch the sunset. Before heading into the Jeep for the night we enjoyed chatting with our campsite neighbor Christine with her adorable labradoodle, Daphne, who has her own Instagram account @whatchadoodlindaphne.