With work finished for the week, we were excited to spend the weekend at our beautiful campsite in Bridger-Teton National Forest. The town of Jackson had been getting busier and busier as the date of the eclipse got closer so we were happy to stay in the forest.

On Saturday the 19th, we celebrated our first anniversary. Even though there was no candlelit dinner in a romantic restaurant, it was the perfect place for us. Our travels have been such a huge part of our life as a couple. We made a more elaborate dinner than usual and enjoyed it while taking in the gorgeous view from our campsite.

On Sunday, we finally had time to install the Jeep’s rain guards we had bought when we were back in Durham a few weeks ago. We also found a car battery someone had left behind at our campsite. Francis tested it and it turns out it was still functional. He had been thinking about ways to increase our power supply so we can charge everything we need. This abandoned battery gives us the extra power without costing us anything!

Before going to bed that night, Francis picked out the perfect spot from which to watch the much-anticipated eclipse and made sure his GoPro camera was fully charged and ready to go.