After a cozy night in the tent, we woke up to a beautiful morning at our campsite in Mount Tamalpais State Park. We were anxious to finally make it to San Francisca so we did not linger long at the campground but we would definitely return another time to camp and check out the hiking trails. We did chat for a bit with a fellow camper who lives in San Francisco. Francis was very happy to get a recommendation for a good Korean restaurant in the city.

It was a short drive into the city and we enjoyed our first look at the Golden Gate bridge as we drove in. We were looking forward to checking out the city but our first stop was at a Planet Fitness for showers and clean clothes. Thank goodness we had the GPS to help us find our way around the unfamiliar city. Fortunately, it was a Saturday so the business section was not too crowded and we were able to find a good parking spot. Our showers left us feeling refreshed and much more presentable for a day in a big city.

Next up was the Korean lunch Francis was looking forward to. We enjoyed checking out the architecture and the different sections of the city as we followed the GPS directions to Han Il Kwan. The restaurant was easy to find but parking was another story entirely! We circled the nearby blocks several times looking for an available spot. We were on the verge of giving up and going elsewhere when we saw someone pulling out and we quickly grabbed the spot. It turned out the house number was 717 which happens to be my daughter, Lizzy Blake’s birthday ( July 17). That number always brings me luck. It was just a short walk to the restaurant from our lucky parking spot.

The restaurant was busy but we were able to get a table after only about a 10-minute wait. It was well worth the parking trouble and the wait. We both enjoyed our meals and the many small side dishes that came with it. The service was excellent and we had plenty of food to take home for later.

Our next stop was Twin Peaks to get a great view of the city. The same guy who recommended the restaurant had suggested it. There was a Blue Angels airshow going on so we were not the only ones enjoying the sunny, mild day. It was pretty crowded but worth it.

After getting our fill of picture taking, we headed to Oakland where we had reservations at an Airbnb. Our hostess was very sweet and the house was interesting. It was actually a small compound rather than a single house. There was a shared bathhouse and several separate entrances. It was very clean and comfortable, and it is always nice to sleep in a real bed.

After a restful night in Oakland, we headed back into San Francisco to explore the Golden Gate Bridge. We spent a good while walking around the area, reading the informational signs about the building of the bridge, and taking pictures. It is truly an amazing feat of engineering.

After getting our fill of the bridge, we headed out of the city towards Yosemite National Park. We got as far as Jamestown, California before stopping for the night. helped us found a small parking lot where we could spend the night. No amenities but it was free and the view was beautiful.