After a surprisingly restful night sleep in the public parking lot, we organized the car then walked around the block to a nearby coffee shop to put in some work time. If you ever find yourself in Wiscasset, Maine be sure to check out Treats. Along with great coffee, they sold artisan bread, wine, cheeses, and many other gourmet food items. The staff was exceptionally friendly as well.

At this point, we were ready to wrap our time in Maine so we started heading west without any specific destination in mind. We started thinking about a place to spend the night and found out that the Ramada Convention Center in Lewiston, Maine allows campers to park in their parking lot for one night only for $20. This includes electric hookup as well as access to amenities such as the pool, sauna, laundry, and wi-fi. That sounded like a good deal to us.

We were the only campers there for the night. We enjoyed the amenities and had a nice buffet dinner in the hotel dining room. It felt a little weird to be in the hotel using the facilities knowing we were actually sleeping in the parking lot but I would do it again.