As much as we hated to leave our beautiful, flower filled campsite in Big Horn National Forest, it was time to return to civilization. We packed up and headed toward the little town of Ten Sleep to find a coffee shop with wi-fi.As it was a Sunday, the coffee shops were closed but we were directed to a gas station that had free wi-fi. We found a free table and settled in with some decent coffee. Francis needed to complete a project for a regular client and I caught up with the news on Facebook.  An older gentleman joined us at our table and we got to chatting. He gave us some ideas for places to visit in the area. In particular, he mentioned the city of Thermopolis, which was known for its hot springs. It sounded like it might be worth a look.

Worked completed, we got back in the car and headed toward Shoshone National Forest. It turned out Thermopolis was on our way so we decided to stop. You can take a 20-minute soak in the 103-degree water for free at the state park or go to a water park style place to enjoy the hot water. We opted to just tour the natural structure and not go in the water. We took lots of pictures and dipped a hand in the water. Wow, was it hot! Aside from the hot springs, it was a very pretty town with a really nice city park.

As nice as it was to get out of the car and stretch our legs for a while, we did have a destination in mind so we had to get back in the car. Back in 2015, we took a trip to Glacier National Park and we remembered a campground we had stayed near during our drive home. We remembered it, particularly because the outhouse was the nicest one we had ever seen. We had spent the night in the car down the road and gone into the campground to use the restroom.  We wanted to go back and see if it was the same as we remembered.

After a long but beautiful drive through Wyoming, we arrived at Pinnacle Campground in Shoshone National Forest. Of course, we had to check out the outhouse! It was exactly as we remembered including decorations, free books to choose from, and a toilet seat cover. We considered staying at the campground but then opted to save the $20 and find a dispersed site in the forest. We did not have to drive far to find the perfect spot with a spectacular view of the lake below us. We were set up and settled for the night in plenty of time to enjoy the sunset.