After a few days back in Durham to take care of some vehicle stuff, we hit the road again. We need to send a special shout out to our awesome mechanic, Geoff Fowler. He came out and replaced our water pump at the last minute. Thanks, Geoff! This time we were headed for a few days of visiting with my family in Maryland. I had not seen them since Christmas, so I was looking forward to catching up.

My sister, Tracy, hosted us at her lovely home in Davidsonville, Maryland. It is a lovely area that is close to stores and businesses but still maintains a country feel. The house has a wrap around porch that became our home away from home for the next few days.

I enjoyed lots of time with my adorable niece, Grace, while Francis worked from his comfortable seat on the porch. My other sisters, Sara, and Jennifer, and my other adorable niece, Amanda, joined us for dinner. It was fantastic to have all the girls together, and Tracy is a great cook so all in all a wonderful evening. The only way it could have been better would have been if my brothers, Robert and Michael, could have joined us as well.

The last evening of our visit, we headed to Annapolis for dinner with Jennifer, Sara, Amanda, and Sara’s husband Jason. Sara and Jason just moved into our mother’s house in downtown Annapolis and the renovations look fantastic. I know our mother would be thrilled to know that the house stayed in the family. We walked to nearby Adam’s Ribs (a family favorite, mostly for the brisket nachos) for dinner. As always happens when I am with my sisters and niece, the time flew by and it was late by the time we headed back to Tracy’s house.

One final breakfast and coffee on that lovely porch, and we got back on the road heading towards Maine but with no specific route or stops planned.