Looking for our next home took us on what I think may have been our worst road yet but it was worth it. We started out on a well-maintained dirt road in another part of the Uinta National Forest but none of the available spots had phone signal so we kept driving deeper into the forest. The road got worse and worse but Francis was sure if we got high enough and out of the tree cover, we would have signal so we kept going.

We ended up at the top of a mountain with a beautiful view and sure enough, phone signal. It was worth the hair-raising drive. We had some unexpected company at our campsite. A lone female sheep with an injured leg must have gotten separated from her flock and left behind on the mountain. We named her Dolly and enjoyed watching her move around despite her injury. She was wearing a bell so it was easy to keep track of her. She got comfortable enough to come very close to us while she was eating and drank the water Francis put out for her.

I had an interesting experience while at this camp site that reminded me how much technology has changed our lives. I applied for a contract job writing math test questions for a company based in Texas. I had a phone interview while sitting in our jeep on top of a mountain in a remote section of northern Utah. I checked out the company online before my interview and was offered the job immediately. All the necessary forms and materials were provided electronically and I was able to get started right away. Nothing like this was available when I started my teaching career years ago but it is a big part of what makes it possible to travel like we are doing and still earn a living.

We stayed for a couple of days enjoying the warm, sunny days and cool mountain nights and our adopted sheep, Dolly. The sun rises and sunsets were spectacular and we had the place to ourselves aside from the occasional folks out riding their ATVs.