We woke up to a crisp, sunny morning in New Hampshire. We decided to head into town and find a coffee shop to get some work done. We ended up in the town of Littleton at Blue Jay Coffee & Tea Bar. It was housed inside a book and toy store. There were lots of cute shops and places to eat in Littleton, and parking was 25 cents an hour. Once again, I was impressed with New Hampshire’s understanding of the value of a quarter.

The staff was very friendly, the coffee was good, and refills were free so we settled in for a few hours.

That evening we hiked up to a small waterfall a couple of miles from our campsite in the White Mountains The trail involved going through a tunnel under the highway which was a first for us. I think it is used by snowmobilers in the wintertime. The deep pool at the bottom of the fall looked like a great place to swim in hotter weather.

Dinner was leftover African food heated up on the camp stove and mugs of tea. These are the kind of simple days I like best.