Packing up the new tent was a bit of an undertaking but between the two of us, we got it packed up and back in its case. Not quite the perfect rectangle it came in but close enough. With the rest of our equipment stored away, we were ready to hit the road again.

We stopped in Wilmington, Vermont in search of coffee and internet. Turns out most of the shops there are closed on Wednesdays. We found a tiny shop that sold coffee and the barista told us to try the Chamber of Commerce for wi-fi. Sure enough, the kind people there let us sit in their lobby and use the internet. I got to catch up with my students and check in with my family while Francis worked.

Realizing we were starving, we packed up and went in search of lunch. We spotted a place called  Wahoo’s Eatery that looked promising. You order from the window and there is plenty of outdoor seating. The menu was extensive with lots of burgers and veggie options among many other choices. Francis settled on the Mexican burger and I ordered the veggie wrap. Ice cream was available from a separate window and although we did not order any, it looked delicious. The food was great and my wrap was big enough to save half for dinner later.

Back in the jeep, we made our way into New Hampshire where we intended to spend the night. We found the free campsites we were looking for on a beautiful back road but none of them had signal or were as close to moving water as we like. We had seen quite a few campground signs along the road so we decided to look around a bit more. One campground turned out to be an RV park that looked like something from a scary movie so we left there quickly. We settled on Zealand Campground. It was $18 a night which is on the high end of our price range but the site we found was fairly secluded and right next to a beautiful stream. Outhouses, a water pump, and nearby hiking trails added to the appeal. We set up the half dome tent and settled in. Our camp hosts stopped by to say hello and told us about a nearby camp that offers hot showers for 25 cents. That is when I knew for sure we were in the right place!