We woke to a beautiful morning next to Hoback River in Wyoming. I had two things on my mind that morning. Those two things were coffee and finding a place to take a shower. A general store a few miles down the road took care of the coffee and the cashier told us to check out Teton Recreation Center in Jackson for the showers.

It turned out to be a great suggestion. For $7 apiece we could not only use the locker room for showers but we could use the facilities for the day as well. Francis enjoyed playing pick up basketball for a couple of hours while I used the wifi to get some work done.

After lunch at Subway, we decided to work from the Jackson Public Library instead of our usual coffee shop. The staff was very friendly and it was a very comfortable place to work. I used to do private tutoring at the library years back but I had not been in one in a while. I was surprised to see that drinking coffee and eating seem to be allowed in the library these days.  I’m not sure I think that is a good change. There was a lot of loud sipping and crunching going on!

That evening we headed to the Bridger-Teton National Forest to find a place to camp. We were not the only people with the same idea. A fellow camper we met told us that a lot of the young folks who work in Jackson can’t afford rent so they camp in the forest every night. We found a spot pretty far up the mountain on a very rough road where we had some privacy.

After breakfast at McDonald’s the next morning, we headed back to the library. Francis was having server issues and the company I am writing math questions for offered me a bonus to complete a large number of questions in a short period of time. We ended up spending all day and heading back to the same forest for the night.

With the eclipse coming, we decided to set up camp and stay through Monday the 21st to see the totality. We knew a lot of people were coming into town for it so we wanted to have our spot reserved. We kept our tent set up while we continued to go back and forth to town throughout the week.

It was actually nice to get into a bit of a routine and go back to the same place every night.