As we battled mosquitos while trying to make breakfast at our campsite at Hatchet Campground, we decided to set up our big tent. The attached screen room was clearly going to be a must to avoid being eaten alive. Once the tent was set up, we were able to eat in peace and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

After a relaxing morning, we headed to nearby Fireside RV Park looking for hot showers and a laundromat. The restorative power of clean clothes and a shower can not be overstated.

Once our laundry was finished, we went for a drive to check out the area. We ended up at Buffalo Valley Cafe for a late lunch. Our very friendly waiter answered our questions about the menu and what kind of food Wyoming is known for. Apparently, wild game such as bear and elk is popular. They did not have that on the menu although they did have a bison burger. I went with the Reuben sandwich and Francis had a burger(beef not bison). Our seat on the patio allowed us to enjoy both our food and the scenery. As we ate, we saw several women bringing a large number of horses back to the corral across the street. We asked the waiter about the horses and he said they offer trail rides for $70 per person.

Before we headed out, our waiter gave us some suggestions for good hiking trails in the area and places to see wildlife. He strongly recommended Delta Lake. Full and happy, we took a scenic route back to our campsite.

With the mosquitos once again out in full force, we spent most of the night in the comfort of our tent reading and playing games on our phone and Kindle.

The next day, we decided to check out nearby Jackson Hole because Francis needed a fuse for the car and he wanted to do some work at a coffee shop rather than being confined to the tent hiding from the mosquitos. We had heard it was very touristy and it was but we enjoyed it. We went to Jackson Hole Roasters for coffee and ended up having lunch as well. We noticed many of the waitresses were foreign and ours was a very friendly young woman from Turkey. The coffee, food, and service were all very good. The drive to and from Jackson Hole was lovely as there were lots of scenic stops along the way as well as a big herd of buffalo on the side of the road.

Dinner and another campfire brought our final day at Hatchet Campground to a pleasant end.