As much as we hated to leave our mountain and our adopted pet sheep Dolly, it was time to move on. We had heard a lot about Flaming Gorge and the pictures we had seen looked amazing so we chose that for our next destination. But first, we had to get back down that awful road in Uinta National Forest.

The road was just as bad as we remembered but at least going back we knew what to expect and when the end was in sight. Other than a very dirty jeep from all the mud puddles we drove through, we made it down none the worse for wear and started the drive toward Flaming Gorge.

It was just as beautiful as promised but sadly there was no place in the area to camp. A helpful ranger suggested we head to nearby Dutch John to get some suggestions on a place to stay. When we got there, we went into a general store/ restaurant to get some ideas. A gentleman at the store showed us a map of the area and suggested a free place we could camp. We checked it out but it was very open and close to town so we kept moving.

We were very happy we did. We found a place on Flaming Gorge Reservoir, just across the border into Wyoming, that was much better It was late evening by the time we got there and the sunset over the water was gorgeous. We found a nice spot with a great view of the reservoir and settled in for the night.

We spent the next day in the same spot. We had a good signal so Francis was able to work on some of his projects.One of his clients in North Carolina was having a computer problem and he was about to remotely log in and solve the problem. Once again, I was reminded how much technology has changed the way we work and live. Later, we walked down to the reservoir and soaked our feet in the cool water while enjoying the sunshine and lovely scenery.