After a restful night’s sleep at the Best Western, we were ready to enjoy the free breakfast. The layout at this particular hotel requires you to walk through the courtyard and parking lot to get to the hotel lobby. The courtyard is nicely landscaped and has a pond full of beautiful, bright orange koi so it actually made for a very nice walk. The breakfast was one of the nicer free hotel breakfasts we have had with quite a wide selection of hot and cold food.

We actually managed to check out early which is unusual for us but we wanted to squeeze in a workout at the local Planet Fitness. We joined mainly to use the showers but also wanted to take advantage of the facilities. In the interest of time, we opted for the 30-minute circuit workout. It is not very intense but it was a good quick total body workout.

Feeling energized by a good night’s sleep, breakfast, and our workout, we got back on the road. A fellow camper at Florence Keller County Park Campground had suggested a lightly traveled route along the Northern California Coast where we could find a secluded spot to camp.

The drive was gorgeous but we could see why it was not heavily traveled. The road was pretty rough and in need of repair. Once again, we were thankful to have a vehicle that holds up well when the roads are not the best.

We drove for a good while looking for a good spot to pull off and set up camp. I was surprised to see cows grazing right along the coast. I wondered if the cows appreciated what a beautiful view they had.

Finally, Francis found a spot he liked. It was actually quite close to the road, but thanks to an outcropping of rocks, the car was fairly hidden once we pulled in. The ground was pretty unlevel and the wind coming off the ocean was intense which made getting the jeep set up for the night challenging. To be honest, I did not like the spot and would have preferred to move on and find something better but Francis loved the view. Once we were out of the wind and comfortable inside the jeep, I had to admit it was a beautiful spot to watch the sunset from.