It turned out to be a busy morning at our quiet little campsite at Rainbow Campground in Dinosaur National Monument. It may not be a popular destination for camping but it is apparently a well-used area for rafters to enter the river. Several different groups arrived for rafting trips. We enjoyed chatting with folks as they prepared for their trips. It was also interesting to hear one of the guides going over instructions and safety information with his group. It sounded fun and scary all at the same time.

We had planned to stay at this campground for the weekend but the only signal available required a drive up a nearby hill. We did not want to reorganize the car every time we wanted signal so we decided to move on.

On the drive out, we passed another petroglyph site. They are well preserved by a natural process called desert varnish. These pictures really do make you wonder what they all mean.

After some searching, we found a nice spot in Ashley National Forest to spend the weekend. There were lots of free range cows wandering around nearby. It was fun to watch the young ones try to keep up with the adults. They all seemed curious about us and often seemed to be watching us.

The group camping next to us had a number of kids with them. I enjoyed listening to them play and watching them drive around on their 4 wheeler.

There was plenty of firewood around and our camping neighbors brought us some gasoline and hot coals to really get the fire going so we could enjoy the cool evenings.

Before we knew it, the weekend was over and it was time to plan our next move.