We were definitely dragging a bit after our adventurous night but rain was threatening, so we packed up and continued our journey toward Baxter State Park. We were looking for showers, coffee, and breakfast in that order. We had seen a sign for an RV campground that advertised public showers so we went to check it out. Turns out it was $3.75 for a 5-minute shower. I guess I got spoiled by the 25 cent showers in New Hampshire because that just seemed way too expensive. We kept moving and came to the tiny town of Kokadjo. The welcome sign says “population- not many. ” We went into the trading post looking for coffee and stayed for breakfast. Our waitress was an adorable young girl, maybe 9 or 10, visiting family friends in the area for summer vacation. My omelet, fried potatoes, and toast were delicious and I had plenty of leftovers. Francis enjoyed his eggs, sausage, and pancakes just as much. I took advantage of the free wi-fi to check work emails while Francis got some advice on the best mousetrap to buy.The store owner assured him it was not an unusual occurrence to have a mouse sneak into a vehicle, but it was certainly a first for us! At this point, we actually had no idea if the mouse was still in the jeep. Several searches had not resulted in our being able to remove it but we had not spotted it again so we hoped it had run out on its own. However, we were not going to take any chances, hence the mousetrap.

Feeling much better after coffee and a good breakfast, we set off again hoping to find a campsite with showers near Baxter State Park.  We took the rugged but scenic Golden Road all the way to Baxter State Park. We were excited to spot a moose in a clearing alongside the road.

The gentleman at the information center at the park directed us a few miles down the road to Penobscot Outdoor Center. The campground has tent sites, cabin tents, and cabins as well as full restrooms with hot showers. We selected a tent site and went to set up. Noticing how wet the ground was from all the rain, we were worried about setting up the tent and frankly, we were tired and the mosquitos were terrible. We decided to upgrade to a cabin tent. The very pleasant young woman at the check-in desk made the switch for us. The cabin was roomy with comfortable cots and most importantly, no set up for us. We just had to bring in our chairs and sleeping bags. Showers and some dinner and we were all set.