We left our home in Eden, Utah ( after a beautiful sunrise) to continue exploring Utah. My co-worker and friend, Allie, is from Utah and gave us some suggestions for places to go, including the spot where her husband proposed! (cute)

We enjoyed the drive through Salt Lake City. It was not as crowded feeling as major cities often are. The Mormon Tabernacle was huge and really beautiful. We left Salt Lake City and drove towards Park City. It was a scenic drive and Park City was a cute town to drive through.

We drove past a fancy looking ski resort. As pretty as it was, we could only imagine how beautiful it is covered in snow. Neither Francis nor I are big on winter sports or winter for that matter so we will probably never see it that way but if you like to ski, Utah looks like a great place for it.

We stopped at Cascade Springs in Uinta National Forest, which was very close to where we hoped to spend the night. We enjoyed a short, very pretty walk around the springs then set off to find a home for the next few days.

A short drive down a dirt road brought us to a nice spot nestled in a grove of trees. It offered shade, privacy, had a lovely creek running right alongside and had phone and internet signal. We had plenty of food and a source of water so we decided to take a break from driving and stay for a few days.

It is amazing how fast time goes by. Francis worked a lot, I did a lot of reading and took a dip in the creek. We finally got to use the Knapbags that were a going away gift from my colleagues at Achievement Academy of Durham. They are like blow up hammocks that sit on the ground and are supposed to inflate with just a shake. We tried unsuccessfully to use them when we were in Custer State Park in South Dakota but only managed to look like idiots waving them around trying to fill them with air. This time we watched a video so we knew what to do. They are actually quite comfortable and repack very easily into their carrying cases. Thanks, Nancy Cox for the thoughtful gift.

Before we knew it, a couple days had gone by and it was time to pack up and move on. Sometimes it is really nice to just relax and enjoy the outdoors without needing to do anything special.