After a beautiful drive through rural Pennsylvania, we started thinking about a place to spend the night. We went to one of our favorite resources,, for a good spot. We found a place that sounded good near the border of Pennsylvania and New York. We made our way toward Hickok Brook Multi Use Area hoping for the best.

We found the place pretty easily and it was as promised, a few dispersed sites near water with no amenities. That means no bathroom, not even an outhouse. The site we chose was pretty with a view of the water and lots of wildflowers around. Tired from the drive, dinner was an Italian sub I picked up at a gas station on the way. I relaxed on a rock and did some reading while Francis did some exploring and took some pictures.

As this was only a one night stay, we skipped the tent and slept in the jeep. We are getting the setup and sleeping arrangement routine down to under 10 minutes now so that is a plus. We have not yet found any equipment we are willing to part with so we will have to put up with some inconvenience. Maybe that will change as we get further along.