We got back to Denver the evening of August 3rd after a quick trip home to take care of a few things. It was our first time flying together so that was kind of fun. The Denver airport was huge and very busy but very efficiently run. We enjoyed seeing friends and family but were happy to get back and resume our travels. We were extremely happy to find our jeep safe and sound just as we left her in the airport parking lot.

We had no plans for a place to stay for the night and it was getting late so we headed in the direction of some state parks hoping to find a spot. A very dark, foggy drive brought us to Golden Gate Canyon State Park where we were fortunate to get the very last spot. It was a little pricey as it had electric hookup which we would not have time to use, but we were just happy to have a place to spend the night.

We left the park early and headed to Boulder with a list of errands to run. We needed to get the oil changed in the car, go to the grocery store, and take care of a few more odds and ends. That took a few hours then it was time to find a place to spend the next few days.

We went to the nearby ranger station and got some suggestions for places to stay in the Roosevelt National Forest. Armed with a map and a plan, we started the few hour drive to our destination.

As often happens with us, finding a place took a little longer than expected. We did not love the spot at Jenny Lake where we first stopped and decided to keep driving higher up the mountain. Finally, we found a beautiful spot overlooking a pond that had a really pretty view. A few steps from our campsite we had an aerial view of Jenny Lake. Somehow it looked much nicer from there!

Sadly for me, as pretty as it was, it was really cold and windy. It was too windy for a fire or even to cook easily on our propane stove. Fortunately, we did have stuff for sandwiches and other food that did not require cooking.

Francis braved the weather and went for a hike towards the abandoned tunnel. I wimped out and mostly stayed in the car reading and working on math questions. Colorado is beautiful but I think it is time for me to move on to somewhere a little warmer!